5 Powerful Real Estate Videos For Marketing That Will Blow Your Mind

Hello Friends, our topic today is quite interesting, I am sharing it today Real Estate Videos for Marketing. With the help of these videos, you have grown your real estate business fast-growing. Hope you read this complete article.

In this, you will get a lot of new methods, so that you can generate fast leads for your business.

So these are 5 videos that are on real estate marketing. And a lot of big social media influencers have created. Hope you get a lot of help from this article.

Top 5 Real Estate Videos For Marketing

Real Estate Videos For Marketing

It is quite a big YouTuber, its name is Tom Ferry in the real estate industry. His channel has 300k plus subscribers. Their base is on content real estate.

And they create new marketing ideas, new strategies, and motivation videos on their channel on real estate types.

1. Real Estate Marketing Video – Tom Ferry

This is a very good video and they talked about it. “Number of people you met and similarities in most successful real estate agents.”

2. Real Estate Marketing Video – Owen Video

Owen Video this is a very good channel on YouTube. Their content is quite different and they present their content in a very funny way.

His channel has 54K Plus Subscribers. Their content is based on Agents, Brokers, and Financials.

In this video, he has told his five personal step methods for making listing videos that he will help Buyers in improving their listings.

3. Real Estate Marketing Video – Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is one of the best YouTube channels in the real estate marketing industry. This channel has a total of 60k plus subscribers.

They make very good real estate marketing videos. Their content is based on Real Estate Marketing Tools, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and How to grow your real estate business.

In this video, he describes 10 digital marketing strategies for real estate agents. Which will not be thought of on its own.

In this video, he has told how to establish a niche and how to create a high convertible and professional website for lead generation.

And in this, he has also told How to use CRM and many more things.

4. Real Estate Marketing Video – Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones has a YouTube channel with 7k subscribers to his channel.

It teaches that real estate agents and business owners make marketing videos to help them grow their business.

It teaches how to write content and how to do research in the market. They cover everything in this channel from technical to personal.

In this video, he has talked about video marketing for real estate agents.

And in this, he has said that you can make questions and answers type videos to grow the business.

There is something more told in this video, in this video, you will see it completely, you will get help to grow your real estate business. Quite easy to understand what types of videos are created.

5. Real Estate Marketing Video – Cory Meals

Cory Meals is a video creator on YouTube. They currently have 100 subscribers and they are growing very well.

Their content is very good. Actually, they put videos on their channel on Homes for Sale.

He is a licensed realtor in Texas and has been investing in real estate for a long time.

In this video, he has told how you can create videos for real estate in a professional way from your phone.

I hope that these real estate videos will help you in marketing and share this post on social media handels.

How to Create Videos For Real Estate In A Professional Way

See, in real estate, you need a phone from a simple one to make videos in Professional Way.

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