7 Home Improvements Ideas that Adding Value to Your House

Let’s talk about 7 Home Improvements that actually add value to your house. Hope you read this complete article and also share it on your social media handles.

Adding Value To Your House

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a dollar for dollar return on investment.

Meaning i spent five thousand dollars to do it therefore if i sold my house it would be worth an additional five thousand dollars.

In fact most of the time when you do something to increase the value of your house.

You can expect that it’s not going to be a dollar for dollar return.

Sometimes it is sometimes it’s more than that but most of the time it’s like 80 or even lower.

So do these things if you’re going to be living in your house and you just want to enjoy your house while you’re living there.

Make it More Functional

Make it more functional to make it more usable but don’t do it with the plan that is going to drastically increase the value of your house.

Because most of the time what that does is you end up over improving your house.

You spend a hundred thousand dollars to fix it up but it’s only worth an additional thirty thousand dollars when you go to sell.

Which means you’ve wasted a lot of money unnecessarily.

Number 1# Built-In Bookcases


Now does this adding a lot of value to your house no not really.

However if you have a big empty nook on either side of a fireplace for example:

Could you put in some storage put in some wooden shelves put in a countertop with a cabinet below?
It makes it very practical.

Not only do you get the decorative shelving where you can display all of your

  • knickknacks
  • your trinkets
  • your home decor
  • your children’s fabulous works of art

But you also could put a cabinet down below and store things out of the way such as “Photo albums”

Number 2# Closet Organizers

Closet Organizers

Yes, these are a great thing to adding.

So if you buy a house that has that awful wire shelving and you know what i’m talking about.

If you’ve got wire shelving in your pantry you go to sit down a bottle of syrup and the thing falls over sideways.

Because it’s not a flat surface and if you’ve got wire shelving in your walk-in closet.

“I remember I came home from work one day the entire shelving unit had pulled out of the wall and my stuff went all over the floor of the closet.

Because i had a few too many pieces of clothing hanging on that rack and it simply was not strong enough to support it”

Closet organizers are definitely going to adding value to your house.

If you plan to sell in the future when buyers see this beautifully organized closet with substantial wooden shelving.

They’re gonna prefer that over the wire shelves any day of the week.

Number 3# Landing Zone

Number three on my list of home improvements that adding value to your house is some sort of a drop zone a landing zone.

If you will now this was a diy project that my awesome hubby built for us.

When we moved into our house it’s in our laundry room and it’s an exterior door going out to the driveway.

So this is the door that we go in and out through most of the time.

By having a little landing zone meaning hooks on the wall where kids can hang backpacks

  • You can hang a purse
  • You can hang your computer bag
  • You can hang up your keys
  • You can put the mail
  • You can have a cell phone charging area

Stuff Is In A Separate Area

All of this stuff is in a separate area, So it doesn’t clutter up your kitchen island.

It doesn’t just go all over your dining room table.

Because let’s face it we walk in the door with all this stuff and we got to set it somewhere and half the time it just gets dumped in the kitchen.

Because that’s where everybody congregates right.

Not only does it keep your house less cluttered and more organized and so it’s functional and it’s usable.

But let’s face it it is straight out of a chip and joanna gaines makeover right.

Everybody loves the drop zone the landing area the farmhouse style mud room.

Where you can hang all your stuff when you walk in the door.

Number 4# Fence

IMG Source: Wikipedia

Number four on my list of home improvements that adding value is a little bit controversial.

I have had appraisers tell me that a fence does not adding value to your house which i just can’t wrap my head around.

I mean it’s gonna cost you i would say a minimum of six or seven thousand dollars to put a fence around your back yard.

Everybody likes having a fence people have dogs, that they want to let out during the day that aren’t going to then take off running down the street.

Is there anybody in the world who hates having a fenced backyard why would that not add value.

So if you are reading this and you are an appraiser will you please comment down below and tell me why on earth you do not consider a fence to add any value to your house.

Why You Need A Fence

But here’s my position on that if you need a fence while you’re living in the house.

Because you have small kids you have animals who are going to go outside you just want privacy.

You want to be able to sit on your screen porch in the morning drinking coffee in your pajamas and you don’t want all of your neighbors to see you.

If you want a fence and you’re going to enjoy using that fence while you live there then you do it.

Now when you go to sell your house if the appraiser doesn’t think that it really adds a lot of value to your property consider this.

If your house is for sale but other houses in the neighborhood are also for sale.

For Example

The house directly next door and yours has a fence and that one does not your house is going to appear more favorably in the eyes of the buyer.

So even though it may not add a lot of dollars to your bottom line, it will help your house appear more desirable to the buyers.

Number 5# Upgraded Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Counters

Number five on our list is upgraded kitchen counters.

Trust me upgrading your ratty old laminate scratched counters to quartz marble or granite will never ever be a bad idea.

Number 6# Shed

Number six on my list is a shed.

Now here in savannah we don’t often get basements, there are very very very few houses that have a basement in savannah.

We all need storage but when you only have a two-car garage there’s only so many places that you can put stuff.

So people love to put a shed in their backyard this is again something else that may not provide a one-to-one return.

But if it’s a nice looking shed that’s not all dilapidated that needs to get torn down.

People are going to appreciate that they have a place where they can put all of the lawn stuff and bicycles and cushions for your patio furniture and all those things.

Numer 7# Drum Roll

Drum Roll

Number seven on my list of home improvements that add value to your house is drum roll.

Now here in the savannah area we are very fortunate and that we have warm weather the vast majority of the year.

So if you can sit outside and have a little bit of shade have a ceiling fan and have it be enclosed so that you keep bugs away.

You can sit out here when it’s raining with cats and dogs and it’s still a very enjoyable place to sit.

Hopefully, these 7 homes improvement ideas will add value to your home. Thank You for reading this post please share and like and comment.

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