7 Real Estate Email Marketing Strategies Ideas Increase Open Rate

Today I’m gonna be covering 7 Real Estate Email Marketing Strategies Ideas. I’m gonna cover my 7 tips to increase your email open and click-through rates.

7 Real Estate Email Marketing Strategies Ideas

1. The Format

Today what we’re gonna talk about first is the format of the email.

A lot of people think that for effective email communication the emails have to be completely polished and pretty with images and all sorts of stuff which can take a ton of time to create.

Make Simple and Short

Luckily I found more success in my emails just from simple short text-based emails that I send out to my email list.

As much as I can personalize them I will so for instance when I capture a lot of the leads that subscribe to my email list or register as a lead.

I’m at least trying to capture their first name, so that way I can put that in the body of this text or in the subject line.

Step Above a Text Message

The way that I’ve looked at email messaging and this has kind of gotten rid of a block that I’ve had in my mind for a long time before was to look at emails as almost just a step above a text message.

When I started to think of emails like that I began to increase the number of emails that I would send out to people and I increased the engagement that I would receive from those emails.

So think of it just as a simple text message doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that send a few lines of texts one call-to-action.

That you’d like for that particular lead or prospect to take and that’s it.

2. Tracking

Make sure that you’re tracking your email effectiveness. You can definitely do this by signing up for an email marketing service.

Which will track all of your send emails how many people opened, how many people clicked on your link.

                                    "I prefer to use Aweber" 

So the other thing that I would suggest is that you use one link per email.

A lot of times when agents or other entrepreneurs are sending out emails to their lists they put too many links in their email.

Don’t Overwhelm

I don’t even like to put links in my signature. The main reason for this is because one if you send too many links to somebody it overwhelms them and they end up not taking a single action.

Whereas if you only send one call-to-action one link click it’s pretty clear what you would like for them to do.

Easier to Track

But then also it’s a lot easier to track emails and track which emails are being opened and which links are being open that you wish for them to be clicked on when you only are sending one email link per email.

So let’s just say for instance you put a link in your email signature to go to your Facebook page.

Well now whenever you’re looking at the statistics about the click rate.

They’ll count that click on your email signature to your Facebook page as the same as a link click to whatever the call-to-action you may be sent in that email link.

Maybe it’s to go see your blog post or to go see the new video that you uploaded and so as you can imagine this would cause issues especially when you’re trying to compare your emails over time and the effectiveness of them.

Open Rate on Your Emails

So the other thing that I would say is that you also want to try and strive for a certain click-through rate and a certain open rate on your emails.

Now I put the numbers there that I strive for, but everybody’s business may be different and how you’re getting your emails and the subscribers on your email list is also going to affect this number.

But for me I know that I shoot for a 30 percent open rate on all of my emails and a 5 percent click-through rate.

3. Consistency

Don’t Stop Sending Emails

Never stop sending emails you gotta be consistent. So that is the key to email marketing effectiveness.

So email marketing truly builds on top of each other you’re building value you’re putting kind of deposits in the bank so to speak and we’ll talk about that down the road.

But you’ve got to be consistent with whatever posting schedule you’re going to send out.

So for instance if you commit to sending out a weekly email send out a weekly email.

I think that you know you can do daily emails every other day monthly gets to be too long in between of them not hearing you.

Especially if you’re getting a lot of new signups on your email list. If they’re only getting something once a month from you.

They’re usually going to forget about you and then when they do receive that email a month later. They may think that it’s spam or they don’t remember how they signed up.

So I think weekly is a good kind of middle-ground but ultimately the more you can do and be consistent with it the better.

Clean Small Email List

The other thing is that having a clean small email list is okay. We have to get out of our own minds and be afraid that people are going to unsubscribe from our email list.

I’ll be honest with you right now spoiler alert, you are going to have people that unsubscribe from your list it’s gonna happen no matter what, it doesn’t matter if you provide the most valuable helpful emails.

People are going to unsubscribe don’t take it personally.

So just make sure if you’re being consistent and sending out you know weekly or even emails every couple days.

You’re going to get some people that unsubscribe but that is okay you’re building a very healthy list over a period of time.

4. Value Is Key

Sending Out Valuable Information

Make sure that you’re always sending out valuable information. This is one of most important things.

If people are going to stay subscribed to your email list. You got to give them a reason to do so and so give them valuable content.

Don’t just be spamming them and asking them to do something for you every single time.

Make sure that you’re providing value to them.

5. Keep it Light

Be Authentic

This is keep it light I think so many times we send emails that we feel like have to be super professional like you can’t have any of our own personality in them.

Over time I’ve been able to share more and more of my personality in my emails and that’s only been more and more effective for my email marketing strategy in real estate.

People like to see that you’re a real person that you have humor, that you share struggles and all those things that you might be going through people want to see that.

So make sure that the emails that you send outdo all of those different types of things so people know that you’re a real person be authentic right.

6. Call To Action

Make sure you don’t send an email without some form of a call-to-action to your audience and again this isn’t a settling call to action all the time.

This is a value call to action right you want to still prescribe something for your audience to do.

Because of your email that you’re sending don’t just send an email with no purpose right with no call to action.

Click A Video & Blog Post

So for instance you could have it to click a link for a video that you sent out, A new blog post, replying to your email.

Sending Phone Number

Sending you their phone number maybe you didn’t get their phone number when they signed up that wasn’t part of your form.

Well now could be a time where if you’ve built up enough goodwill and enough value you ask for their email.

Maybe it’s three four six emails in and that’s the time that you feel you’ve built value with them and it’s gonna be more advantageous for you to ask for their phone number.

Then if you do a lot of offline communication and prospecting then that’s when you do that.

Setting A Time on Your Calendar

Also, you can do things like setting a time on your calendar leak calendar for either a demo or a presentation or any kind of thing that works as far as a meeting in your business.

But then also you can use this time to segment your list and add tags to people that have subscribed to your email list.

7. Segmenting

This is one that I think it’s important to note a lot of times and I made this mistake myself.

Agents and other entrepreneurs will segment their lists far too early and they worry so much about having focused targeted email lists.

When they haven’t even yet been consistent sending to one list.

So what you have to look at segmentation like is every time you segment or you create a different segment in your list.

You’re almost creating double the work for you or triple if you have three segments or quadruple if you have four.

Because what ends up happening is now you have these different segments that you feel that you need to send them special emails.

Again if you’re trying to stay in front of them say once per week or better now you’ve got to create four separate emails or three separate emails to speak to each one of those segments.

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