Best CRM for Real Estate Agents 2020 With Downside

Now I want to talk about today’s Best CRM for Real Estate Agents 2020, that a lot of people talk about in the real estate world and CRM is otherwise known as a (customer relationship management system. So everyone’s always looking for the best CRM on the market which is essentially the million-dollar question.

Best CRM for Real Estate Agents 2020
Best CRM for Real Estate Agents 2020 With Downside

Because no one truly knows what the best CRM out there is and there are tons if you don’t know this there are tons and tons of CRM systems that you can actually use in your business.

Property Base

Okay, let’s start and go over my top five list starting with numero number five Property base. Property base takes my number five spot because it’s absolutely phenomenal for larger organizations or those with a decent sized team.

It’s cool because property base is based on the Salesforce model and it has some advanced functionality to manage you know an intricate team of people who let’s say don’t see each other very often or who work remotely.

It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page and I will say this CRM is a little bit on the high end when it comes to price but you get drips in mass email campaigning as well as you know to matchmaking when a lead comes in.

The CRM will actually automatically assign it to someone on your team. Again this is a very advanced CRM for those with a large team or large office to manage it’s not necessarily the best for an individual.

It can also have a little bit of a learning curve to it but again this is a super powerful CRM if used correctly.

Pipe Drive

Now number four on my list is gonna be pipe Drive. This is hands down the best CRM on my list for a visually appealing interface man it just looks gorgeous. it’s very easy to set up and use and integrates very nicely with tons of other features that you have going on you can make your lead flow East signature word you know whatever else you need in real estate it can do.

It’s also really cheap and we’re talking you know 10 to 50 bucks a month depending on your plan and I will say a pipe drive is great for starting out and getting your feet wet with CRMs but it is tough to scale with.

There are a few limitations with pipe drive when you’re trying to scale up big-time you know once you’re in the kind of the big leagues but hey you know cross that bridge when you get there because overall pipe drive looks phenomenal and can do some phenomenal things that can keep you ridiculously productive.

Lion Desk

Next up on my list which is actually one of my favorites of all time is a Lion Desk. I love Lion Desk it’s a marketer’s dream which considering my background is what I’m all about. It has some wicked cool and advanced marketing tools, like video emails and honestly if you struggle to create marketing content at all lion desk is the right CRM for you.

They have social media lookup features, click-to-call integrations and even text to sell features I mean if you’re looking to grow your business then line desk is the best CRM for you out of this entire list.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great for managing your current business as well but the leaf flow and lead tools that it has are hands-down the best way to actually get new business in real estate.

Plus it’s also not that expensive at all I mean the only downside to line desks are the biggest downside is it’ll take you some time to effectively learn how to get the most out of it. But honestly, as you can tell I’m a huge fan of Lion Desk.

Fresh Sales

number two on my list and I’d really compare this inline desk very similarly, just kind of depends on what you’re actually looking to get out of it but this is gonna be Fresh Sales.

Again very similar to line desk in terms of capabilities and in terms of where they rank on my list. But Fresh Sales are different from the line desk.

Fresh sales are ultimately great because it is super easy to get going I mean they’ll do the usual things like track leads monitor progressions and funnels and ultimately engage buyers and it’s also incredibly affordable as well.

They actually have a free forever plan which is very awesome and there’s a reason why they rank very high on my list but it’s also very customizable for large teams and offices or even if you just wanted to do it for yourself.

It’s a program that is incredibly easy to learn which is why it’s ranked so high. The downside to it is it doesn’t really feel like it’s meant for real estate even though it is it just seems like other CRM on my list makes it feel like it’s more tailored to your real estate needs.

But overall great platform very easy to use and can be a great starter platform for anyone out there who’s not currently using a CRM.

Wise Agent

Alright, let’s reach the number one on my list the best of the best it’s gonna be Wise Agent. Wise Asian does it all honestly, We’re talking trip marketing campaigns, lead automation, team calendars, contact managers, customizable, landing page.

I mean you name it they have it wise agent is the goat when it comes to CRM s it’s God at all and you don’t really have to break the bank to get it it’s definitely affordable.

Now I’ve heard a lot of agents say some really good things about Wise Agent and it’s definitely a popular choice.

The only downside to a wise agent which is a very small downside is it’s advertising capabilities are lacking a little bit and that’s really just in comparison to the Lion Desk.

Since Lion Desk is so amazing at marketing I think that wise aging kind of slacks a little bit when it comes to actually get new business. But that’s a very small slack wise agent is amazing.

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