Best Realtor Closing Gifts to Establish a Stronger Relationship

Hi, today let’s look at the best realtor closing gifts. But first, let’s attack motivation why would you want to give closing gifts after a transaction? The first reason is will you want to show gratitude.

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Best Realtor Closing Gifts

There are over a million real estate agents out there and they chose you for the buyer side or the seller side. So showing a bit of gratitude in that respect is gonna go a long way.

Sure you did the service that you were contracted to do but at the end of the day, a gift goes a long way. Which leads right into that second motivation just giving them another opportunity to think of you.

When they’re thinking of you hopefully you get some referrals. So most of the time and I say most of the time fairly confident.

I believe it’s over 70% of the clients that have been polled are likely to use the real estate agent again in their next transaction. Whether they purchase are sell with that agent.

However, statistically less than 30 percent actually do and it’s not because they don’t like you or you did a bad job it’s there are a million Realtors out there.

So out of sight out of mind so certainly you want them thinking of you and as they’re thinking of you an opportunity for referral occurs.

Alright, so what are you looking at for the one-time gifts? These are gifts that are easily consumed or consumed with one event or purchase or just get consumed rather quickly. So I call these one-time gifts.

One Time Gifts

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards to I either Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, something for the home, or if you know the restaurant that your clients love to go to, do that essential gift cards of any kind.

2. Dinner

Another common strategy is taking those clients out to dinner. Whether you sell or you help them sell or you help them purchase.

Taking them out to dinner socializing and really getting to know them a little bit further. So you just establish a stronger relationship so I was a good idea.

3. Donation

This has become very popular in donating to a charity of their choice. So in their name. So regardless of the amount maybe it could be (fifty dollars) (a hundred dollars) (a thousand dollars) whatever it is.

Making a donation and somebody’s name to the client’s favorite charity goes a long way.

4. Tickets To Events

So if you have if you’re selling a lot of homes or if you happen to have season tickets to baseball games, football games, basketball games. Giving tickets out to the events is always a good idea.

One-Time Gifts are Beneficial or Not?

One-time gifts these gifts are they’re being done right now and they’re super beneficial. However, with one-time gifts, I don’t always encourage them because they get consumed rather quickly.

Unless the event is super memorable and it comes back to mind every single time they think about their transaction clothes or what have you and they link you up as a Realtor to that event. The one-time gifts only take you a certain distance down the road.

Gifts That Last

Now gifts that I do encourage a little bit more gifts that last. So gifts that are going to be hanging around the house.

1. Home Essentials

This is very common right now. We’re and it’s inexpensive. So were you where you get together a basket of towels, toilet paper, scissors, soap, etc..

Some home essentials that a new homeowner would greatly benefit from whether that be toothbrushes, toothpaste just almost like a hotel basket if you will.

As if they ended in their new home it’s kind of foreign to them it is a new place it’s almost like a hotel where the amenities are. If you make it an experience where their amenities are already there.

So they don’t have to go out to Walmart to the growers and supply it up with common accessories that may be in the boxes already or be in the moving truck.

2. Subscription

A subscription also is something that lasts for a finite amount of time usually a year. Doing a subscription service has become very popular.

So doing BarkBox if they have pets, Dollar Shave Club, or magazines right now magazines are super inexpensive.

So if you know you have some clients that are readers. Then subscribing to 50 magazines is super inexpensive for a year. You certainly don’t want to continue picking up the tab into year five or your ten unless it’s super inexpensive.

But a subscription service goes a long way. As they get it for an entire year they’re continually seeing you keeping you in front of mine or at least know that that service was not something that’s coming out of their pocket.

It’s something that you did out of the goodness of your heart to show that gratitude.

3. Something For the Home (Custom)

Then something for the home so something customs then customize for the home and in their name. So you can do some knives (Cutco is very popular) for this, Cutting boards, Mats, and pillows.

It’s awesome to have those types of gifts to give to your clients. However, if you can customize them and personalize them for your clients.

They are not selling that, they are not putting it at the garage, so they’re not throwing it away, they’re not regifter, this is their cutting board, this is their mat, this is their pillow so they’re gonna keep it.

Ring Doorbell

A ring doorbell is super beneficial especially right now. When we’re talking about security. Ring doorbells are a little on the pricey side.

Now they’re starting to come down in price because there are just so many of them and more popular more companies coming into this and coming to compete.

So a ring doorbell is super cool super beneficial people are going to use it and it’s gonna stay there till last.

Nest Thermostat

That’s thermostat very same thing. It’s a smart thermostat. They are starting to reduce in price as well as more competition comes to the market. Those are very those are very beneficial.

Commissioned paintings

But my favorite and the one that I do right now is Commission paintings. If you can put their family name at the bottom. Depending on the size they can cost anywhere from $60 to $50.

But for custom paintings again they’re not going to throw it out. They’re actually gonna display it. Because they’re proud of that painting it’s gonna be a painting of their first home their second home or their home in general.

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