Buy Mobile Home Insurance How to get the Best Deal

Hi, this article is all about buy mobile home insurance specifically on how to get the best deal on mobile home insurance.

Now just quickly I want to mention that home insurance on your mobile or manufactured home is very much like home insurance that you would have on a regular house except for a few small differences.

Buy Mobile Home Insurance Online

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One thing to keep in mind is that when you shop around for mobile home insurance you want to seek out the agents who specialize in this type of insurance it’s important to go with an agent who knows the ins and outs of mobile homes.

Shop Around

So how do you get the best deal for insurance well it’s pretty simple all you need to do is shop around.

I know that’s pretty obvious but your reaction is probably one of course but do you really do it I mean you know that it’s important but to actually do it normally people agree that this is great to do but they don’t do it.

So make sure you do there are big differences in the company to company when it comes to insurance.

Some are low cost some are middle and some are high cost so shop around and get at least three if not five quotes and you will be glad that you did.

When you are shopping for insurance here’s what you must demand :

  • Loss of use money this is money that the insurance company would pay you for the loss of use of your home if you had a major claim number.
  • Use a $110 per square foot so in other words make sure that they’re calculating the dollars per square foot correctly just ask them and ask what they’re calculating out to be.
  • Is no broker fees.
  • No policy fee those are unnecessary fees in most cases.
  • Finally is great service there’s no reason you need to give your money to an insurance company that does not give you great service they’re not doing you a favor you are doing them a favor check with your lender if you have one on your home for the minimum amount of coverage and deductible because that is important to them.

Finally, never ever let your insurance lapse why well

  • You don’t want to be caught having damage or liability without coverage I mean you don’t want to have your home bail burned down and can’t replace it and it certainly happened every year it happens and somebody doesn’t have mobile insurance and therefore they don’t have a new mobile home.
  • The lender will know if you have a loan the lender will know that your insurance lapses and they will force place insurance on your home and bill you this is always twice as much as well that’s it for more great information on mobile and manufactured homes please visit the website please again.

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