Government Grants for Home Improvement | Federal Remodel Incentive

Okay let me show you how to find government home improvement grants home repair money and federal remodel incentive or any kind of subsidized money that to be able to fix up your home repair you’re home or make it a handicap-accessible or anything like that.

This is how I find out where the money is in your county and city that’s the first step you want to take you to know in finding out about free money sources.

So this is a little county in New York I don’t even know where that heck in it I saw all the map somewhere outside of New York City called Orange County.

Government Grants for Home Improvement

It actually is for somebody I helped it in cop a village of Greenwood Lake which only there are three thousand people see there’s a lot of programs usually where there are lots of people so New York City is just dozens of programs.

But I’m gonna show you in the heart to plate look places that there’s even you know grant money and stuff like that in places you’ve never even thought of but you just have to learn how to look.

Government Grants for Home Improvement

So if you go to your first of all go to your government website I here it is for Orange County so it’s Orange County I know well actually they have Orange County. I usually tell somebody not to go to coms but this is different so there’s always outliners but what you’re looking for you know you put in your county name and make sure it’s

Home improvement grants for homeowners

You know for the name of your county but if it’s not goblin look at the .com if there’s something that looks like it maybe it because of it maybe. The first check out all the dot goes or all the dot org and then when you get there every county will have a listing like departments and that’s what you want to look.

Federal Remodel Incentive

Because that’s where it’s hidden you can’t put in repair grants and it will just pop up no you put in repair grants like in Google you’ll get 50 million websites and that’s impossible so what you have to do is get a list of all the programs in the county and I’ll tell you where they’re usually hidden they’re usually hidden in departments that are called Community Development housing or safety.

So you want to look at there’s economic development energy so you want to get even smaller economic development energy management where’s so economic development would be a place to look employment and training now finance No so now we’re the other that’s F and G where do you find the other stuff.

So you have health that’s another one so you want to look at the health you know you want to look at Community Development you know and look at those and then economic development also so all those three are made like here there’s a grant for life now that’s another health and safety part.

So this is a grant to get rid of lead paint so that’s fixing up your house so you want to repaint your house you know if it’s a certain age or whatever look at you know you get a $10,000 you know free work together to paint your house if it has let paint so that’s why you won’t look at that look the criteria to see if you do it usually a lot of the grants, particularly for housing fix-up.

There are income requirements but not everyone so always checks to make sure and if your income is close to you know just a little over the maximum you may still be eligible.

So check it out anyway so this is a program for $10,000 so you get $10,000 to paint your house, yeah and that’s you know there’s a lot of conditions so you gotta figure that out.

Here’s another one home improvement loans now this is 0% interest so they’re giving you money zero percentage you know you’re nothing you’ll have to pay it back someday and it’s usually every place is different now this is the Community Development helping our community housing rehabilitation program, eligible improvements include structural repairs weatherization barrier, removal general repairs, heating systems all those things yeah up to twenty thousand dollars.

Federal Remodel Incentive

The income of you know sixty seventy thousand dollars our income for this now a lot of times away these work is that you only pay back the money you know with no interest whenever you sell a house so if that appreciates and things like that so that’s a good deal so make sure you know they’re local program so that’s grant program whether you would find them just searching probably not that’s why you go to the horse’s mouth these are whether you start with your county.

Your city no I I went to the city here green would like anything on their website but that doesn’t don’t let that stop you what you do is you go down here to the contact information and you call these people you know if you want to call them and see hey I’m looking for local programs you know to make you rebuild house home repairs or etc.

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