How to Stage Your Home Yourself Getting it Ready for the Market

Today we’re gonna talk about how to stage your home yourself if you’re getting it ready for the market. I hope you read this complete post.

Why it’s so important to stage your home

How to Stage Your Home Yourself
How to Stage Your Home Yourself

So first I want to start by explaining why it’s so important to stage your home when you’re gonna sell it. Staging is an important marketing tool to get your home sold as quickly as possible.

Staged homes will usually sell faster than unstaged homes.

A well-staged home can help the buyer imagine themselves living in that house. So, it’s important to stage your home as best as possible so we can help buyers envision themselves living there.

Declutter Your Home

One of the first things you’re gonna want to do is declutter your home. Since you’re going be moving anyway it’s a great time to go ahead and get started on your packing.

So go ahead and box up a lot of items that you don’t think you’re gonna need while your home is on the market.

Once you’ve got those items boxed up, you could possibly put those things in your garage, however, it’s nice to have an open garage where people can see how spacious and how much stuff they can potentially get in the garage.

So if it’s in your budget I highly recommend getting a storage unit to store your things in.

Removing Furniture

Now that you’ve decluttered you may want to consider removing some of your furniture from your home. Removing furniture will help open up space and make it feel more spacious.

If there’s too much stuff in a home it’ll make the home feel small and cramped, so we’re really trying to avoid that.

Again, if it’s in your budget to get a storage unit, that’s a good place to put some of your excess furniture.

Then think about rearranging your furniture to accentuate some of the best features in your home.

Deep Clean Your Home

Another great idea when you’re staging your home is too deep clean your home.

You can either do that yourself, of course, or you can hire a professional crew to come on out and get it all done in one fell swoop.

Now, when buyers are looking at your house, they’re gonna be looking everywhere, including your cabinets, drawers, and your closets.

So it’s a great idea to make sure those are decluttered and organized as well.

Again, since you’ve already picked up some of your belongings you might as well go through some of those areas and see what you can pack up and what you don’t need anymore.


The nice thing about decluttered, well-organized closets is it helps the buyer to feel like they’ll have enough room to store all their belongings too.

When buyers see closets that are just stuffed with belongings it can give the impression that maybe the house doesn’t have enough storage.

So, definitely declutter all that stuff. Get stuff packed up and out of the way and that way when a buyer walks in your closet they’re gonna say,

“Wow, I can fit all my clothes in here then too!” Hopefully.

Insider Tip

And, here’s a little insider tip for you if you’re really curious about what a well-staged home looks like you might want to consider paying a visit to a model home in your area.

Model homes will give you a great idea of what paint colors are popular right now, give you some decoration ideas, and pay attention to how the furniture is arranged.

If you’re having trouble figuring how to arrange your own furniture to maximize and showcase the space in your home.

Getting Ready to Stage your Home

So when you’re getting ready to stage your home these are some simple tips that can help you get it ready for the market, and just keep in mind when you’re staging it think about the things that you love about your own home.

What made you want to buy this house and try to stage it to accentuate those features that you love.

Home Cleaned and Staged

If you loved it there’s a good chance another buyer is gonna come along and love the same things about your home, so don’t hide those things – make them stand out.

Once you get your home cleaned and staged and ready for the market then you’re ready for your professional photos to be taken.

Most buyers are going to start their home search online these days so you want to make sure you get really good quality professional photos done of your home.

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