Instagram for Realtors To Convert To Business Fast

Realtors, you wondering how to leverage Instagram to convert to business. We have a lot of Realtors really benefitting and leveraging Instagram well in their businesses.

But I often also see because I follow a lot and connect a lot with other Realtors on social media there’s a lot of people doing it very ineffectively.

Instagram for Realtors To Convert To Business Fast

So we want to talk a little bit about today how to focus in on Instagram what’s accessible you know successful strategies for Instagram.

What is Instagram

So for starters what is Instagram if you’re not on it you’re not familiar with it it’s the biggest growing social platform.

I would call it number two for overall behind Facebook and Instagram is actually owned by Facebook now.

So add push and things like that leverage onto both platforms quite easily.

But Instagram is a visual marketing tool it’s image-based and so it’s not sure it’s not you know able to share links you can’t there’s ways to do that and we’ll talk a few ways that you can accomplish it.

But it’s a visual platform and and it’s built for mobile. So the intention of Instagram is that you’re taking photos with your mobile phone and sharing those on to there.

Image-Based Platform

So for starters, it’s image-based so you want to have good imagery if you’re gonna share anything at all.

So common strategies that people use are you know nice photos of homes you can advertise listings on there.

The challenge is you can’t link to the website or you have to the most common strategies putting see link in bio.

So then the person will click your profile go to your profile and you need to make sure that you actually have a website link there that goes to that and then that they can find it easily.


A little pro tip is something we’ve implemented recently is called Linktree and so links tree allows you to have a single link in your bio and then when they go to that they see a bunch of different links.

So we have our blog we have the things we have information about how to become a realtor about joining our office all different links on there.

So that’s a good strategy put up nice and nice visuals it’s got to look good and have properties and listings on there but how to actually convert that to business it’s a good way to do it.

Leave Out Price

Another way is to leave out a price or leave out certain information so that it gives a person a reason to ask the question or engage with you and have a reason to reach out and direct message you.

Another big one is video so Instagram is visual again but the video is a great way to leverage that.

So if you do a monthly video talking about the market that’s happening in the market you do quick videos that open houses or possession days with clients.

That’s phenomenal content to put in like very short videos right onto Instagram.

Instagram stories

So you can host that in your actual feed or you can do Instagram stories.

So Instagram stories are kind of mirrored off of snapchat and the intent is they disappear after you know 24 to 48 hours.

So you don’t get the same follow up that you do so a lot of times people put the same thing an Instagram story that they do in their feed.

So it kind of gets the historical peace there but you have a direct conversation via Instagram stories.

But other people don’t see that people have liked it or comment it or anything like that versus if it’s in your feed they will see that.


Real Estate IGTV

So the other one that’s new is Instagram IGTV. So they’ve basically created a competitive platform for YouTube and again instagrams owned by Facebook.

So Facebook controls that ecosystem Google controls YouTube and so they’re intending to basically make a mobile competitive video platform to YouTube or Vimeo or any of the other services out there.

So Instagram TV can be a great way to do longer videos so if you have something that’s for five minutes whether it be an about your video or a featured listing that you’re promoting right now Instagram TV is a great place to put that content.

So hopefully that helps there’s a lot and see what other people are doing well to leverage Instagram in their real estate business.

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