6 Kit Homes Under $30 000 Available Online Right Now

I know many people are looking for kit homes. I am sharing 6 Kit Homes Under $30 000 which you will get for free shipping on Amazon.

Kit Homes was quite popular after World War One and the Stock Market Crash.

These homes are quite simple and are standard. Its advantage will be that these homes are moveable and you can get costumes according to this which suits you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Why kit homes are a great investment?

Because of this, they are of high quality and their design is very innovative. And you can get these online easily so that your cost will be saved.

6 Kit Homes Under $30 000

1. Allwood Claudia

Kit Home Allwood Amazon

This beautiful home is Allwood Bella Cabin Kit and it is 209 square feet in size.

Its roof area is 90 square feet; in this, you will get a wall height of 4-1 / 2 inches. And the roof has a snow load capacity.

And it also gets double-glazing windows and doors and laminated door frames.

It will take 3 to 5 days to assemble this home, if 2 adults are ready then it will be ready.

This kit belongs to Home Love Company and it has got high-quality Nordic wood that looks very good and the finishing is also good in it.

Allwood Claudia$9,700.00

2. Insulated Tiny House Kit

Tiny House Kit home

This is a simple Insulated Tiny House Kit and you can use it like a garden house, guest house, and cabin.

In this, you get a full kitchen and bathroom and the best thing about it is that the material is used in the walls and roof of the Structural Insulated Panel.

This kit is made per custom order at home and is delivered in Approx 4 to 6 weeks. The price is affordable and the price is $ 22,800 with 4 dollars shipping charges.

Sip Kit Homes, LLC$22,800

3. Allwood Dreamcatcher

 Cabin Kit home

This is an attractive Allwood Dreamcatcher home and its size is 205 square feet.

Its height is 10′8 ″ and the Terrace area is 14′7 ″ x6′7 ″. Its Windows size is (2x) 46-7 / 8 ”x34-1 / 4”.

This manufacturer is from Luoman and its model is Skandia.

Material is used for Wooden and the look of this kit home is also very good.
You get a green color in it and you can also choose a color according to your liking.

The price of this kit home is $10,995.00 and it is free shipping. It will be delivered to you in 3 to 5 weeks.


4. Allwood Bella

This is Allwood Bella Home and its size is 237 square feet currently it is available in stock on Amazon.

You can use this home in many places such as a guest house, garden cottage, and extras.

In this, you get a very large roof area, which has solar panels and the size of its roof is 596 sq. ft.

The manufacturer of this kit home is Lasita and when it comes to the price, you get its price for under $ 30,000.


5. Customizable Shell Kit Home

Kit Homes Under $30 000

This is the Customizable Shell Kit Home and its dimensions are 24 x 32.
In it, you get 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a big floor.

The model of this kit home is Northridge and it has material use of wood which is premium.

In this home package, you get Windows, which you can choose the color of Windows according to yourself. With this, you also get Exterior Doors.

If you want to know its features, then you can go to their website and see that we have given the link to all the homes.

Let’s talk about the price of this kit home, which you will get online for under $ 30,000. The price is just $ 27,496.00 with Worldwide Shipping.


6. Sunset Shell Kit Home

Kit Homes Under $30 000

This is the Wooden Customizable Shell Kit Home manufactured in the United States.

Dimensions are 28 x 28 and have good quality wooden work in them. Its look is very premium and attractive too.

In this kit home, you get a large kitchen, a large living area, and very large plenty of storage.

You can use this kit home according to your need, which is a starter house, vacation house, and family house.

Now, let’s talk about its features. You get a bedroom, 1 bathroom finance valid features, and a floor. For the rest of the features, you can visit their website.

Its price is $ 24,996.00 and you must see its Return Policy on its website.

Sunset$ 24,996.00

When Can I Get Kit Homes Built?

See, if you get these homes built in the springtime, then you will find them very expensive because all the builders are busy during springtime. I would like you to build your kit Homes in the Summer.

Main Advantages of Kit Homes

It takes less construction time and is quickly completed. There is quality control in it and you can easily get the labor for kit homes in your local area.

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We have shared with you Kit Homes under 30,000 Dollars, which you can buy online from our given link.

Hope you liked this post and if you have any questions related to this post, then let us know in the comment.

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