Landscape Architecture Salary Can Expect to Earn United State

I’m gonna share with you what kind of landscape architecture salary can expect to earn in 2020. We will go over the past 20 years in which organizations pay architects the most money and the five highest-paying metro areas for architects in u.s.

People need places to live work, eat, learn, play and shop. Architects plan and design houses, buildings, factories, offices, and other structures.

In some cases, architects provide pre-design services such as feasibility, environmental, cost analysis, impact, studies, site selection, and design requirements.

Landscape Architecture Salary
Landscape Architecture Salary

Architects often collaborate with civil engineers urban planners drafters and interior designers.

Architecture Salary Statistics

Let’s get into the salary statistics: In the year 1999, the average architect nationally was making $53,410 per year.

By the year 2018, this average wage had risen to $88,860 dollars.

So nationally architects gained thirty-five thousand four hundred and fifty dollars ($35,540) over a period of twenty years.

This comes out to an average yearly gain of little over seventeen hundred dollars per year. So we can estimate in 2020 that the average architect nationally will make a little over ninety thousand dollars per year.

Wage growth has been somewhat consistent over the years. Architect wages were a little flat after the recession from 2009 to 2012. But then started rising again from 2012 to 2018.

Architects Pay by Organization

Next, let’s take a look at architect’s pay by the organization: Right off the bat one in five architects is self-employed and this data doesn’t cover them.

If you’re looking at the others the government pays architects the most on average followed by engineering and other services.

Another thing to keep in mind with this is only three percent of architects work for the government. So those jobs are going to be extra competitive.

So that is the average national pay for architects across the United States. But keep in mind that the local or the metro area pain can be much higher or lower than the national pay.

For example, the average architect in the Baton Rouge metro area makes almost $24,000 below the national average.

For architects, it is important to know not only which metro areas pay architects the most, but which metro areas have the greatest number of job opportunities for architects.

So without further ado here are the top five metro areas that pay architects the most money:

Sacramento California Metro Area

The fifth highest-paying metro area for architects is the Sacramento California metro area there are 660 jobs.

The cost of living is reasonable given its in California. But the Sacramento average pay is over $15,000 over the national average.

Atlanta Georgia metro area

Number four on this list is the Atlanta Georgia metro area. There are over 2,000 jobs the cost living is quite reasonable compared to other big cities.

But the Atlanta average pay is over eighteen thousand dollars over the national average.

New York City Metro Area

The third-best metro area for architects pay is the New York City metro area. There are over 11,000 jobs. Which is greater than any other metro or city in the entire country.

Because living is quite high but the pay is almost $20,000 over the national average.

Houston Texas metro area

The second-best metro area for architect pay is the Houston Texas metro area. There are over 2,000 jobs the cost living isn’t very reasonable even cheaper than Atlanta and the Houston average pay is over $20,000 over the national average.

San Jose California Metro Area

In the metro area that pays architects the most money is the San Jose California metro area. there are not so many jobs only 440 jobs. Cost living is fairly high. But the average wage is 26 thousand three hundred and ninety dollars.

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