6 Modern Prefab Homes Under 50k Available On Amazon

Hey Guys, I will share the Best 6 Modern Prefab Homes Under 50k today, which you will easily find on Amazon. Hope you like this post.

6 Kit Homes Under $30 000 Available Online Right Now

Why Should I Buy These Modern Prefab Homes Under 50k?

These Prefab homes are quite unique and You will get them on Amazon for free cost of delivery. And they have used material of the best quality.

The best benefit of these homes is that they are less costly. In these prefab homes, you get the best quality roof, walls, foundation, and more.

You will get very good designs in it. The truth is that the new design and features are quite trending nowadays.

These homes are very popular in North America and they are in demand in the United States in large quantities. As you know, the prefabricated building was first built in 1160 to 1170 by Wace.

6 Modern Prefab Homes Under 50k Available On Amazon

1. Allwood Avalon Prefab Home

Modern Prefab Homes Under 50k

This is the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit and its ca is 540 square feet. Its model number is CAB-AVALON and plus it has double glass windows and doors.

The look is very good in this prefab home. Wooden work has been done quite well in this home.

Talking about the price, you will find it in under 50K dollars and its price is $ 32,990.00.

  • Price: $32,990.00
  • Model: CAB-AVALON
  • Manufacturer: Lasita

2. Prefab DIY Building Cabin Home

Here is ECOHOUSEMART Company’s Prefab DIY Building Cabin Home. This company is very good.

And this company produces very good prefab homes. Northern Spruce is used to make these homes.

In this prefab home you get 2 bedrooms plus 1 bathroom and 1 879 q. ft. roof is found.

And its height is 15 feet and Windows is 320 sq. ft. The price of this home is $ 49,612 dollars. You can make it on demand too.

  • Price: $ 49,612
  • Model: TF-033
  • Manufacturer: ECOHOUSEMART

3. Beatus Prefabricated Homes

This is Beatus Prefabricated Home which is absolutely ready to move. In this home, you have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom available.

As you can see, it is quite normal to see but it is a very luxurious type from the inside.

It has very good feet that you can see on Amazon too. On Amazon, you will get full details of its external and internal wall design and size.

With this, you get a large living space and 1 kitchen in it. This product will be delivered to your address in 40 to 60 days of your order.

Talking about the price of this home, you get $ 34,000 with 4 dollars shipping charges.

  • Price: $34,000
  • Model: 1920516
  • Manufacturer: Eco-Friendly Homes

4. Timber Frame House

We just shared the ECOHOUSEMART prefab home on the second number. And this is also the prefab home of this company.

This Timber Frame House is 1000 square feet. It is also very attractive to watch. The design has been differentiated from the outside.

Let me tell you in advance that this is not a stock model, it is made on your order. And when the order is placed, it will be delivered to you in 120 days.

How many bedrooms will it get?

See, you can make an interior layout plan according to this. As per your demand, it will be structured according to your wish.

Its price is $ 42,417.00 dollars which is quite right.

  • Price: $ 42,417.00
  • Model: TF_B-80
  • Manufacturer: ECOHOUSEMART

5. Starenergy Modern Home

Modern Prefab House Under 50k

This is the home of the StarEnergy company, which has a lot of features from the inside. In this modern home, you have got wall panels, roof panels, metal roof sheets, windows, doors, and more.

And you get 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms one of 740 sqft and the other of 888 sqft. I think this is a very good option And it is made in the USA.

And if you want to include costume design or some extra features in it, then you have to give an additional fee. You will find all its details on Amazon with the map.

And its price is only $ 22,900.00.

  • Price: $ 22,900.00
  • Manufacturer: Starenergy SIP Panels, LLC

6. Economical Prefabricated Modular Home

Prefab Home

This is the container house and it is also portable. In this, you get 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

It contains one kitchen and it has a big sink. In the entire house, you get 3 aluminum sliding windows of 800 * 1200 mm.

You get a good quality PVC floor door: Steel door, 60x2050mm. Talking about the price, its price is $ 14, 9.00 dollars only.

  • Price: $14,999
  • Manufacturer: XIANGXING


Talking about the quality, it is quite a strong home. It has some wooden homes and some steel homes.

Their roof, doors, and windows are very strong. And you are getting these Prefab Homes at the right price for under 50K.


If you like these Prefab Homes, then you can buy them from Amazon for under 50,000 dollars. We have made all the home links available to you.

The company whose homes we have shared are quite trustable companies and if you have any problem or want to modify something in your home, then you can talk to them directly.

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  1. Are your homes approved for Monterey County, California permits? Are there foundation guidelines approved for construction? Are plans supplied ready to submit to the county for construction?


    1. LARRY CRAYTON, We are sending you the list of prefab homes to your email. Whichever you like, you can contact us and tell us. Thank you.

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