Real Estate Walkthrough The Property Right Before Closing

What to do at a walkthrough

So a walkthrough in real estate is you walk through the property right before closing.

To make sure that the property is in the same condition. As it was when you wrote the contract and signed off on it.

The other thing you’re gonna look for is if there are any agreements between the buyer and seller the seller will fix things that came up in the inspection report.

So you want to go through and check those things and make sure that those items were taken care of.

Real Estate Walkthrough

Settlement and Possession Paragraph

In the Pennsylvania contract paragraph, four is the settlement and possession paragraph and basically it’s kind of simple that the seller only has to present the property broom swept and free of debris.

Also to give the keys to the buyer that’s basically it.

Looking for Windows

So if you’re looking for Windows to be washed or appliances to be cleaned and that usually doesn’t happen sometimes it will if the seller is really nice and goes above and beyond.

Run the Air Conditioner

So when you arrive at the property with the agent things you want to do you want to run the air conditioner.

You want to run the heating system make sure those are working, you want to go through all of the appliances and less they’re in as-is condition as stated in the contract.

If they are not sold in Oz’s condition then all of the appliances should be in working condition.

Check the Microwave

So you want to check the oven you want to check the burners you want to check the microwave and the water is hot and cold in the kitchen.

Flush the toilets make sure nothing is leaking look up in the ceiling make sure there are no leaks that have occurred to an outside walk.

Make sure there’s no flaws or issues that come up since either the inspection or since you went under contract on the property.

The fireplace is Different How it Works

Another big issue that comes up is fireplaces every fireplace is different how it works.

So you want to make sure your agent addresses that maybe like a week before and just check in the fireplace that the pilot light is on and then see how to turn it on.

Sometimes it’s a switch sometimes it’s a remote sometimes you have to get down on the floor open up this thing and figure out the buttons to turn it on.

So I’ve seen in all kinds of fireplaces and that is something that a week before I’d always make sure that it is in working condition and can be shown at the walkthrough that it is in working condition.

In Pennsylvania we the buyer has to switch over utilities into their name on the day of closing.

If the Buyer Forgets

So if the buyer forgets to do that or doesn’t do it for some reason then we can get to walk through and none of the utilities on it you can’t check anything and that’s on the buyer.

So that’s really important too to make sure all the utilities are in the buyer’s name for the day of closing.

Negotiation Occurs

Well, that’s pretty much it with a walkthrough if issues do come up then a negotiation occurs you can ask for credit you can ask for them to fix it real quick that seems difficult to do with closing is that day.

Just some issues they’ve had from minor to major that I had with walkthroughs and I’ve had a stain on a carpet show up when because the bed was moved out and you couldn’t see it when you walked through.

Cash for Credit

So the seller gave the buyer a small amount of cash for credit towards that.

Because if they put another bed down you wouldn’t see the stain. So most likely they weren’t gonna switch out carpet right away.

Probably the worst situation I’ve had is we showed up for walkthrough and the house was full of furniture clothes and buyers had to move in that day like they were renting and they had moved out and that truck was on its way.

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