Tenant Rights in California 2020 | Landlord-Tenant Loss

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Tenant Rights in California

1. Do you need a lease agreement?

Well, every time they are you going to rent a property for more than a year. It’s mandatory that you need a lease agreement. You need to have it in writing.

If it’s less than a year you shouldn’t you don’t need a lease agreement it’s not mandatory. But I really recommend that you always get it in writing.

When you have something in writing it’s easier to be enforced. So you need a lease agreement always when you’re gonna rent for a year or more.

But I recommend you always get a lease agreement no matter how long the term.

2. What is the security deposit? How much should I be charged for a security deposit? Should I be getting that back?

What is the security deposit?

Well, the security deposit is a deposit that the landlord will get you to know when you are renting you’re a property an apartment house whatever it is.

How much should I be charged for a security deposit?

So here in California, there are rules on how much security deposit a member can take from you.

So if you see the property that is unfurnished. A maximum of two months’ security deposit can be taken as you know a security deposit from the tenant. If the property is furnished a maximum of three months security deposit can be charged.

So make sure you know your loss here and how much security you can be charged.

Getting that money back?

So the security deposit is not meant to be used as last month’s rent. The security deposit is returned back to you after you turn in the house back to the landlord.

Okay, everything should be okay. If there are any repairs to be made on that property. The ladder has the right to use the security deposit money to fix anything that you broke or you left you to know that was in the same way as when the property was given to you.

What if you left the property better than when you first got it well the lab was supposed to return that money back to you within 21 days of you turning in the property.

So if the burglar took any money from your security deposit to make any repairs at the property. They’re supposed to give you an itemized list of how that money was used. So make sure you know your loss here in California and make sure you get that money back.

3. What is renters’ insurance?

Do I really need renters insurance? Well, renters insurance is a smart option to have. When you are renting a property it can be an apartment or house I really highly recommend you get renters insurance.

Renter’s insurance will protect you against any financial losses due to the theft of any natural disasters, fire, water damage, and flooding.

So it’s basically protecting all your personal assets your personal property.

So, for example, You are renting a home or an apartment complex and the property burns down. You lost all your personal property there.

Well, the lawyer’s insurance does not protect you with those losses your personal property that’s why you need renters insurance to be able to ensure all your personal property and more.

So I would look into Renters Insurance if you do not.

4. California termination of tenancy and eviction rules

So how do I turn 8 my lease? Well if you have a lease for a year at the end of this lease agreement you can terminate your tenancy.

Well, let’s say that you are in a property you’ve been there for more than a year you’re already into a month-to-month contract. You need to provide a 60-day notice to your landlord or your landlord if they want to get their property back has the right to give you a 60-day notice to request the property back.

Now let’s talk about you know (if you need a 60-day notice or a 30-day notice). So if you’ve been in the property for more than a year. You’re on a month-to-month rent already.

The lender is required to give you at least 60 days. So 60 day notice to request the property back. If you’ve been in a property for less than a year on a month-to-month agreement.

The landlord only needs to give you a 30-day notice. So it’s important for you to know your rights as a tenant.

At the end of that term of 30 days or 60 days if you do not give the property back to that landlord. The lender has the right to evict you. To start an unlawful detainer and evict you from the property.

So now let’s say that you did not the rent this month or it’s been already four days two days and you haven’t paid the rent. The landlord can also give you a three-day notice of pain to pay rent or quit.

If you do not pay it within that time then the landlord has the right to set up in a lawful detainer an or eviction process. So make sure you pay your rent on time and make sure that you turn in the house on time. Thank You For visit our blog and comment bellow about Tenant Rights 2020 and Landlord-Tenant Loss in California article.

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