What Are An HOA and Some Pros And Cons Of An HOA

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What Is AN HOA

homeowners association

Hoa stands for the homeowners association.

A homeowners association is an organization that makes and enforces rules.

For multiple unit buildings like Condos or townhomes or even planned communities that have single-family homes.

If you currently have a property with an HOA you are automatically a member.

If you’re going to be purchasing a property with an hoa you are going to become an automatic member.

When you are a member it basically means that you’re going to abide by the rules and regulations of the hoa and pay fees known as hoa dudes.

Rules On Some Type Of Documentation

HOA type of documentation

Every hoa usually has its rules on some type of documentation.

That documentation is usually called a declaration of covenants conditions and restrictions.

You can usually get a hold of this document before you even purchase a property in a specific hoa community.

“I have had that happen for multiple clients of mine where they have a specific question that they need to be answered and the only way that they’re going to move forward with that purchase is if they can find out that answer about the HOA community.”

Some Examples

Some Examples would be are you allowed to build a garage behind your property. Are you allowed to extend your patio?

If so what are the protocols that the HOA would like you to follow in order to do those things? So those are just some examples.

Pros And Cons Of An HOA

So let’s get into some pros and cons of purchasing in an hoa community.

Pros Of An HOA


So let’s first talk about a pro if an hoa organization is well run you can actually find that living in an hoa community can actually be a blessing.

Because it could potentially increase your property value.

How Is It Going To Increase Your Property Value

Well if the community is looking a specific way, the lawns have to be taken care of a specific way, the mailboxes are straight, the houses look beautiful, the yards look beautiful.

Normally those property values increase because they’re maintaining a certain standard a certain look.

So the pro is that basically you’re being protected as a community and you all fall within the same realm to maintain and sustain the standard of your community.

If you’re living in a community that doesn’t have any rules and restrictions you could have a crazy neighbor.

That doesn’t mow their grass or has a whole bunch of junk cars parked in their front yard.

Which can actually decrease the value of the community, because that one neighbor decides not to take care of their property?

Cons Of An HOA


So let’s discuss a con of living in an HOA community.

If that HOA community is poorly managed then you can run into a nightmare basically.

If they are not maintaining their reserves which is where all the money of the HOA dues are going into to maintain and regulate the community.

If they’re running out and they’re not able to continue maintenance or upgrades in the community.

Then they may turn to the members and ask for some special assessments, which are extra money that they’re going to ask you to pay on top of your dues that you already owe.

When You Are Working With Your Realtor

My recommendation is that when you are working with your realtor.

Who Will Able To Provide Info The HOA Community

Who will be able to provide and get you all this information about the hoa community?

HOA researching the community

Make sure you do your own due diligence as well as researching the community.

Seeing how people you know if it’s a neighborhood app or a Facebook page of the community.

How Are They Responding To The HOA

How is the community functioning as a whole has there been any complaints.

You can definitely usually look up all this information and see if there is a problem before you even purchase that property.

Is There Usually Some Type If Standard Fee?

Answer That Question: There is not a standard fee that every community follows, it really depends on the community that you’re choosing to look into

“I know HOA communities that are gated have a pool community, a fitness center, a volleyball, sand court all these extra amenities.”

They’re able to mow the grass for the homeowners in the front and the homeowners are just responsible for their backyard.

And these hoa can be a little bit more expensive than a community that doesn’t mow people’s front yards.

Or you know it’s not gated there’s a whole bunch of different things that you have to look into with the type of amenities and what the HOA community basically offers.

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