8 Cheapest Privately Owned Mobile Homes For Rent By Owner

Are you looking for Cheapest Privately Owned Mobile Homes For Rent, then you have come to the right place on our site. We are sharing with you mobile homes for rent by the owner.

If you are considering buying a mobile home, this is a good opportunity for you, because this time will be best for you.

Although it is a bit difficult to find a privately owned mobile home, you can easily view private mobile homes on our website and choose one of your choices.

If you are interested in used mobile homes then you can see our posts of used mobile homes for 5000 and moved mobile homes. You might like some of these mobile homes.

Is buying a private mobile home the right decision?

Well, this is the right decision if you are looking for a privately owned mobile home on a budget. Because these are sometimes much cheaper than homes, you can easily afford them.

If you check these mobile homes properly and find a home in good condition, there cannot be a better deal than this.

By the way, if you are buying a mobile home, then you should find out the laws in your area so that you do not face any problems in the future, and buying a private mobile home is a good decision for you.

8 Privately Owned Mobile Homes For Rent

1. Mobile Home (Santee)

Privately Owned Mobile Homes For Rent

Well, the owner has given an excellent offer on this mobile home, the offer is $1000 off on the first month.

The mobile home is in excellent condition and its location is Magnolia Avenue. If you want complete locatable then you can connect us, and we will send you the owner’s details along with the complete location.

You will get all the facilities near it like Shopping, Entertainment and Dining and all this is at a distance of 52 minutes.

In this mobile home you will get 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and an air conditioning system is also available. Owner allows to keep cats and dogs. If you want to take this mobile home on rent, its price is $2,400 per month.

Rent Period.Monthly
Color Light Green & White

2. Mobile Home (ESCONDIDO)

Cheapest Owned Mobile Homes

The area of this mobile home is 1152ft2 and there is a lot of space. The owner has just got the white color done which has further enhanced its beauty.

You also get plenty of space for car parking and facilities like Community Car Wash, Sparkling Swimming Pool, and Club House are also available.

In this mobile home, you get a private deck off the master bedroom and you have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Its condition is quite good and the owner has just got Wood-look Laminate flooring done.

However, renting this privately owned mobile home will be value for money for you and its rent is $3,195 per month.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color Off White

3. Mobile Home (Kernville)

Cheapest Rate Mobile Home

This mobile home is in a very different place and looks very nice with a light brown color. This mobile home was manufactured in 2007.

The owner has recently got work done on it, with brand new carpet, flooring, and paint, which has enhanced its looks even more. In this, you will get 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with plenty of space.

You will get this Private Own Mobile Home on rent at a very cheap rate and the rent will be $950/month, in this, you also get the facility of 6 6-month lease.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color Light Brown

4. Mobile Home (NV)

Cheap Owned Mobile Homes

Well, this is a very good opportunity, you are getting this beautiful mobile home for rent at a very good price. Owner allows to keep cats and dogs.

This mobile home may look small to you but it is quite big inside, in it you get 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and also a modern kitchen.

In this you also get air conditioning included and the condition of the mobile home is also quite good. Its rental price is $995/month.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color Grey White

5. Doublewide Mobile Home (Gaston)

Private Owned Mobile Home

This is a wonderful privately owned mobile home situated in a secluded place. The condition of this home is also good and the color has been repainted.

You get 3 big bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in this mobile home, which has a lot of space. The kitchen has also been renovated some time ago.

You will find some useful things included in it like a dishwasher, top loader washer and self-cleaning glass top stove. You will also get an alarm system for security.

You cannot keep pets in it; a swimming facility is unavailable now. The owner is paying $1000.00 per month as rent which is value for money.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color Light Brown

6. Mobile Home (W. Columbia)

You can also find this mobile home in a secluded place and the surrounding neighborhood atmosphere is also quite good. The color of the home is light green and the condition is also quite good.

In this, you get included Air Conditioner, refrigerator, locked mailbox, and sewer, and all this is in good working condition. The owner has also got the flooring done some time ago.

Pets are not allowed here, however, if you request the owner then maybe he will allow you. The rent price of this privately owned mobile home is $1125.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color Light Green

7. Mobile Home (Eastover)

This mobile home is 66 x 14 and the color is a white mix. The owner renovated this mobile home some time ago and its condition is also good.

In this, you get 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it is inside the Mobile Home Park, the details of which we will tell you in the contact. You get included in some things like Central Heat & Air Conditioning, Water, Sewage, and Trash.

The rent for the mobile home is $1,150 and the security deposit is $1,150. If you want to keep pets then they are allowed here and the deal is good by the way.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color Grey White

8. Mobile Home (Newberry)

single Private Owned Mobile Home

If you are looking for a mobile home in a secluded place, near a forest, then this mobile home will be the best. This is a slightly old mobile home in good condition.

Its rent is a little less and it is also a privately owned Single Wide mobile home, the owner has recently done the renovation work on it.

This mobile home has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The flooring work has also been done some time ago and the flooring has been done with good wooden work. Along with this, it includes a washer and refrigerator.

Its rent is Rs 625 but you will have to deposit Rs 625 one time in advance and you will have to provide proof of income and credit references.

Rent PeriodMonthly
Color White

Note: These Privately Owned Mobile Homes are currently available, they may be sold out soon, but we will keep updating them. If you want a mobile home near your location then tell us the contact on that page.

If you liked our list of 8 Privately Owned Mobile Homes For Rent, we will bring you more homes of this type. Thank you.

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