Companies Or Banks That Finance Mobile Homes With Land?

Yes, you read it right, we will tell you about companies or Banks That Finance Mobile Homes With Land that provide finance at low income.

Although many financial institutions in the United States allow you to finance mobile homes, these steps are a bit difficult for those who have low incomes.

Only a few banks come up with such specialized finance programs keeping low income in mind, but the problem is that many people are unaware of them.

Let us tell you that these programs can be through government-backed or private lenders and let us tell you that you must inquire once at the financial institution near your area. Without wasting any time, we will tell you about such banks that finance mobile homes with land.

Banks That Finance Mobile Homes With Land

Banks That Finance Mobile Homes With Land OR Companies


Wells Fargo

Yes, you must have heard about this bank many times and it is a very popular bank that gives mortgages for mobile homes.

By the way, it helps individuals in doing mobile home financing on low income and they have made their loan programs quite flexible. Those who have low incomes get a lot of help from it.

If you want to know about their low-income programs, then you can visit their official website and see their new programs or you can call their customer care and ask because they keep updating their programs.

US Bank

US Bank also gives you loans for mobile homes with land but its process is not so easy. By the way, it would give you mobile home loans for $10,000-$50,000.

If you want to take a loan against low income from US Bank, then you will have to visit their official website. There are a lot of programs regarding their mobile home loan schemes because of their programs.

You will get a loan from US Bank at a good interest rate, you will have to find out whether it can give a loan in your area or not because they launch their schemes only for some specific areas.

Companies That Finance Mobile Homes With Land


21st Mortgage Corporation

Yes, this company 21st Mortgage Corporation also finances mobile homes and has been providing loans for mobile homes to people in this industry for a long time.

The best thing about 21st Mortgage Corporation is that its loan programs are outstanding and their representatives also talk very well.

If you want a loan with Mobile Homes Land then they will help you by giving you a loan with a good rate of interest and their process is also quite easy, you can contact them by visiting their website.

Triad Financial Services

Triad Financial Services is also a very good company and it gives loans to specifically manufactured homes (mobile homes) at good interest rates.

If you want to know about their new mobile homes rated loan schemes, then you can do it directly from their website, they will guide you properly. You can also contact their customer service for further updates.

Before asking them about mobile home loans, you have to be careful that your financial condition is good and that every lender has some criteria for loan approval, they will explain all this to you properly.


The conclusion is that if you want a loan for mobile homes with land at a good rate and interest, then you can take it from “Wells Fargo” and “US Bank“. If you want to take it from some good companies then “21st Mortgage Corporation” and “Triad Financial Services” can consider them.

Before taking these loans, you will also have to keep in mind that your credit score should be good and your income source should be good so that after taking this loan, you may not be able to repay the loan.

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