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6 Used Mobile Homes For Sale To Be Moved In Your Area

You must be looking for Used Mobile Homes For Sale To Be Moved Near Me in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Other Cities.. So don’t worry, this will complete your complaint on this website.

Here today we will share with you 6 used mobile homes for sale, which will be near your area. You will get these mobile homes at a very good price and their condition is also very good.

Used Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000

These mobile homes can be moved, so you will not be tense. And many of these mobile homes are free delivery.

Where to get a Mobile Home?

We are sharing these mobile homes with you through third-party websites, so whatever mobile homes you have, you will contact us, we will provide you the details.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Mobile Homes?

If you want to move mobile homes, then you will have to spend a little in it.

Let me tell you that it will cost you $ 2,000 and $ 5,000, that too within 100 miles. You will be charged $10 to $15 per mile and will have a separate transportation cost.

Note: See, let us tell you in advance that these mobile homes that we are sharing with you is available for now. It is possible that these mobile homes will be sold soon. If these mobile homes are sold, then we will be releasing a new list.

Best 6 Used Mobile Homes For Sale To Be Moved

1. MUSTANG LOOP Mobile Home

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This is MUSTANG LOOP mobile home that comes with very good new features.

You will get these mobile homes ready to move and in this, you will get 3 quite large spacious bedrooms and also 2 bathrooms.

Talking about the height of this mobile home, its height is Approx 1,216 sq. ft. / 76 x 16. It seems like this will be the perfect mobile home for you.

CMH has manufactured this mobile home and this mobile home was built in 2010. By the way, it is in very good codification right now.

We will send you information about its price and location details, you message us on the contact given below.

2. Redman Mobile Home

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You must be feeling very simple to see this mobile home, but let us tell you that this mobile home is very good from the inside.

This is Redman mobile home and you get 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

This mobile home was built in 2003 and its height is SQ FT: 1404 W X L: 28 ′ ”x 52 ′. According to you, this will be enough in space.

Price and location will be sent to you in detail.

3. Champion Single Wide

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This is a Champion Single Wide mobile home and we tell you the features of the used mobile.

As you may have come to know, this title is that this mobile home is single-wide. With this, you get 3 big bedrooms in it.

And you will find 2 bathrooms in which you will also get very good features. You will get a luxury look in the bathrooms.

This mobile home was built in 2015. By the way, the codification of these mobile homes is very good according to us.

4. 2008 Clayton Mobile Home

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This is Clayton Home which is in a very large area and this mobile home is used.

This mobile home is a double bed and you get 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Which according to you is quite right.

If you want space for any of your vehicles, then it is also arranged. You get a large covered space for your vehicles.

It is a 2008 Clayton model and has a size of Sq Footage: 1,904. We will give you the details of the price and location.

5. ZEBRA RD Mobile Home

Used Mobile Homes For Sale To Be Moved
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This is ZEBRA RD mobile home and it is manufactured by PATRIOT HOMES.

Let us tell you that PATRIOT HOMES is a very good company and it deals in Modular Homes and Mobile Homes.

Talk about the size of this mobile home, its size is Approx 2,176 sq. ft. / 68 x 32. This is the perfect mobile home according to us.

You get 3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms in this mobile home. And this home was built in 2002.

So these were the details of this mobile home, message us for the rest of the information, we will give you the details of this according to the area.

6. Compass HS301 Mobile Home

Used Mobile Homes For Sale To Be Moved
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This is Compass HS301 Mobile Home and built by Meridian Homes Company. This home was built in 2014.

In this, you get a very large area with a kitchen and handcrafted cabinets.

In this mobile home, you get 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a modern look. And you also get quite a big living room in it.

Talking about its interior, you get advanced carpet installation techniques in it. There are many more good features in it.

So these were the 6 Used Mobile Homes For Sale To Be Moved that would be best for you. Now, this is a small list, we will also add other mobile homes in the future.

If you like this type of mobile homes, then tell us in the comment box and if you have any questions, then tell them also.

And if you liked this post, then share it on your social media handels and comment down bellow. Thank you for reading this article.

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