Moving To Fastest-Growing Cities In U.S. Leander Texas | Austin Area

Today we’re going to talk about Moving To the Fastest-Growing Cities In U.S. Leander Texas which is Austin Area.

Today we’re talking about Leander texas.

Leander Texas

Now Leander is northwest of Austin in Williamson county.

It’s close to Austin but far enough away to have a little space and some quiet.

The average home price in Leander for both resales and new construction is roughly in the mid 300s.

Homes in the 200s are going to probably be a little on the older side and probably needing some updates.

Compare that to the average home price in the city of Austin which is around 407 thousand dollars.

So it’s a little less expensive once you get outside of the city of Austin.

“Austin is the most expensive city in Texas to live in. So you’ll want to take that into consideration if you’re considering moving to Texas”.

Lander Is Certainly No Exception

So with Austin, we’ve been experiencing all this growth here and lander is certainly no exception.

Great Things About Leander

lander city limit

One of the great things about Leander is that there are a ton of new neighborhoods in the area.

Especially on the north side of the lander.

Different Types Of Neighborhoods

So if you’re interested in new construction you might want to consider Leander on the north side generally.

And you have a wide variety of different types of neighborhoods to choose from.

There are more apartment buildings cropping up so if that’s something you’re interested in you can look into that as well.

But we do have regular suburban neighborhoods all the way up to neighborhoods that have more luxury homes on them on half to one-acre lots.

And lander is a part of the Leander school district.

Which is a very large school district in the Austin area it’s very popular.

Fun Facts About Lander

So some fun facts about lander are the metro rail actually starts in Leander.

And the metro rail is simply a commuter train that starts in the lander and will take you all the way through the Austin area and stopping at various places.

“I’ve only taken this train once, I do remember it taking a good chunk of time. I don’t remember exactly how long but it was a while.”

So it didn’t save us on time but it certainly saved us the hassle of dealing with parking and driving and all the things.

Austin Community College

Another nice thing about Leander is Austin community college opened up a campus here about two or three years ago.

So if you’re considering attending a community college you might want to look into the Austin community college’s campus here on Leander.

Emergency Room

Some of the other things that I like about Leander is we do currently have an emergency room at St David’s.

Which is planning on building an entire hospital there so that’s good news.

Plus the toll road 183 starts also in lander around the same spot that the metro rail is and 183 will take you straight on into Austin and it’ll save you a lot of time.

You’re Not Far From A Lot Of Parks

Another nice thing about lander is you’re not far from a lot of parks.

Such as Balcones or lake Georgetown which has a lot of hiking trails.

Negatives About Lander

So one of the negatives about lander is there are not that many restaurants.

Not like cedar park round rock and Georgetown anyway.

Which is typically where we end up going out to dinner if we go out to dinner.

But however, I think that’s going to be changing in the future as the lander is developing something called the north line.

That’s going to be over by st David’s and the metro rail station and that’s going to be a mixed-use development that’s going to include shops and dining as well as a residential area and business places.

So it’s a really exciting development here in Leander and really looking forward to it.

Other than maybe I just would like some more restaurant choices there’s really nothing terrible to say about Leander honestly.


Overall it’s a very nice city and I’m happy to be living here and I can totally understand why it’s growing as fast as it is.

Like I said it’s more spread out than Austin and it’s not as expensive as Austin which are big pluses.

And you’re just north of cedar park which has tons of amenities there as well shops, dining, hospitals or medical facilities as well as round rock and Georgetown as well.

I think Williamson county is a great place to live in.

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