Pros and Cons of Living in Texas Best Places to Live Now!

In today’s article, I wanted to share with you the pros and cons of living in Central Texas. If you are thinking of living in texas then you must read this complete article and share it on social media handles.

So if you’re thinking about moving here you’ll want to stay tuned so you can hear about the pluses and minuses of what it’s like to really live in Texas.

Well, thank you so much for tuning in today. I’m really excited to share with you the pros and cons of living in Central Texas.

I would talk about Texas in general, but Texas is nearly the size of France. It’s a big state and there are differences between here and Dallas and Houston.

Pros and Cons of Living in Texas
Pros and Cons of Living in Texas

Pro #1 Thriving Economy

Texas has a thriving economy. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and Austin is no exception to that.

Many people are considering it the next Silicon Valley There are a lot of tech jobs here.

So, a thriving economy is one pro.

Con #1 Higher Cost Of Living In Austin Area

Now one of the cons actually comes from a thriving economy.

So a lot of people have been moving to the area and that’s been great in many ways, and it’s also increased the home prices and the cost of living a bit.

However, it’s still better than the cost of living in California or New York, or even Seattle for that matter.

So while the average home price in the state of Texas overall maybe around $200,000 or a little less, in Austin, in the city proper, it’s actually close to $400,000, the average price for a home.

However, surrounding cities aren’t as expensive. So the surrounding cities are growing like mad around here.

The average home price in Williamson County which is north of Austin and that includes towns like Georgetown and Liberty Hill and Leander, the average home price there is close to $283,000.

So there’s a big difference there in prices.

Pro #2 Good Amenities

So pro number two would be, due to the increase in population it is also increased the quality of amenities in the area.

So as opposed to being in a rural area where there are very few amenities, the population has increased.

The towns are growing more and more shops, hospitals, better schools are moving into these areas as well.

Con # 2 High Temperatures In The Summer

Normally during the summer months, it gets up to 100 degrees or more and that can last anywhere from five to six months.

Usually, the 100-degree weather starts in June, possibly, May, but it’s definitely in full swing by June.

And, it can last until sometime in October. So, if you’re really sensitive to heat you definitely need to take this into consideration.

Pro #3 Mild Winters

However, Pro number three would be that we have mild winters.

Winters on average seem to be anywhere in the 40s and 50s. However, we can have the occasional week that will dip down to the 30s, maybe even the 20s, although that’s kind of rare.

And, in Central Texas, snow is practically unheard of. If we do get any snow it’s usually in the form of few flurries and it certainly doesn’t stick around.

So you don’t have to worry about shoveling snow and all of that good stuff.

Con #3 Lots Of Bugs, Snakes & Spiders

Con number three – bugs, snakes, spiders! For instance, chiggers, are horrible.

If you haven’t heard of those look those fun things up. They crawl up . . . you don’t even see them.

Like, you can sit on the grass somewhere or walk through grass and you’ll get these little things and they like to get like where your pant line is or your sock line is and they all congregate around there and they bite.

So you find out later that you got chigger bites and you probably don’t have one or two of them. You’ll have several of them.

They itch like crazy.

One of the things recommended to us when we first moved here if you’ve been out in the grass for any reason as soon as you can, take a really hot shower and scrub really hard and that can reduce your chances of getting chigger bites.

As well as chiggers there are things called fire ants which are horrible. They’ve migrated up here and they bite and sting at the same time.

Pro #4 Good Eats

Pro number four is we have a ton of great food here in Texas and Austin it’s definitely no exception to that.

I mean we’ve got barbecue, Mexican food, southern cooking, plus a wide array of contemporary cuisine, and not just in Austin but a lot of the surrounding cities also have some great options for wonderful food.

So if you like to eat, you’ll not be disappointed here.

Con #4 Slow Internet In Certain Areas

So con number four is an internet connection. It’s not always great everywhere you go.

So one of the things you need to be aware of is if you’re thinking like I would like to live a little further out in the country, you might not have a great internet connection.

So if you work from home and that’s really important to you, you need to keep that in mind when you’re looking for a home in this area – that you have access to really fast high-speed Internet.

Pro #5 It’s Possible To Get Good Food At Gas Stations

Pro number five is kind of riding on the coattails of great food here in Texas, and it’s a little bit strange, but one of the things that I found amusing in a good way when I first moved to Texas, is that gas stations can actually have good food here.

Con #5 Allergens

So con number five is another con you’ll want to pay close attention to if you’re not from this area.

Central Texas is notorious for having problems with allergies and allergens in the air.

So if you are sensitive to allergens you need to do your research into this and make sure that this is the right fit for you.

If you have the option of moving anywhere in Texas basically.

And, if you have any more questions about what it’s really like to live here please feel free to reach out I’ll be happy to try to answer your questions for you as best as I can. Thank You.

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