How do you Generate Leads During COVID-19 (Real Estate)

A very popular question that I’ve been getting is how do you generate leads during COVID 19 in Real Estate. So in this post I will be answering that question.

How do you Generate Leads During COVID-19

I’m pretty sure thinking that nobody’s answering their phone calls right now. Or no one wants to talk about real estate.

Well actually the reality is that there’s a lot of people that are more than willing to talk about what’s going on in the real estate market.

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What is Going on With the Real Estate Market

Right now is actually a great time for you to be seen as that valuable real estate agent. That can provide the most accurate information in terms of what is going on with the real estate market.

Yes there are going to be a lot of people that are going to hold off on buying and selling.

But every single day there are still properties that are coming off the market whether they are expired withdrawn and canceled.

Do Have to Sell

And you know what a lot of them still do have to sell. So what does that mean?.

That means that there are still sellers out there and especially right now during this pandemic what’s going to happen is that the people that are not really that motivated are going to be weeded out.

So in terms of you when you’re prospecting you can still be prospecting.

The reality is that a lot of people are actually nice over the phone.

People are kind of over the entire situation they’re staying at home and they’re laying the rules.

But they’re just kind of waiting for that day for things to be lifted the stay at home orders and for life to get back to normal in a sense.

Terms of Generating Leads During COVID-19

So in terms of generating leads you can definitely still be calling these expired the for sale by owners.

Make sure that you’re contacting your sphere of influence. Do you have a database are staying on top of them.

I would highly recommend that you stay on top of them weekly through video messages. Find out what it is exactly that’s going on in your market.

See exactly how many homes sold last month especially since we just started a new month of May.

Look at the statistics from April and then also look at the ones from March.

How the Real Estate Market Changed

That way you’d have a better idea in terms of how the real estate market changed when the pandemic happened and when everything started to change.

This is really great information that you can provide to your database and the people that you come across.

Because maybe they are seeing things in the news or maybe their friends are telling them certain things.

Market is Gonna Crash

Maybe they are under the impression that the market is gonna crash and who knows in my and it might not it might happen tomorrow or it might happen in six months.

No one really knows what’s gonna happen.

But it’s right now that you can get this information and use it when you generate four leads.

The Information that I Encourage

Some of the information that I encourage you to look at is how many homes sold last month, how many one pending, how was the inventory compared to March.

Probably where you’re gonna see is that there were a lot fewer homes that went pending and a lot less inventory that actually went up for sale.

So with that being said use all of this information to your benefit go after these individuals that are more likely to be very motivated sellers.

Buyers Interest Rates are Still Historically Low

Now when it comes to buyers interest rates are still historically low. So that is something that we are sharing with any people that were coming across.

There’s a misconception that people think that the market needs to crash in order to get a good deal on a house.

People Will Need Financing

However that may be true if someone will be purchasing cash.

The reality is that a lot of people will need financing and if the interest rates are very high or they go higher than what they are now which is around three and a half percent.

They go to five or six percent or whatever it is. A lot less people will be in a position be able to purchase a home.

Talking to on the Phone

So that’s another thing that we share with these people that were talking to on the phone.

Ultimately there is still a lot of business right now, even though we are in a pandemic. No one really knows exactly when the stay at home orders will be lifted.

You can still continue to generate leads and put them into a system, they might not be ready right now.

But I can guarantee you that once everything settles down and goes back to normal.

These people will get back on track to either purchase or sell.

Homeowner That Has an Investment Property

One thing that I do want to note which has been a little tricky to overcome especially when I’m cold calling the expired and canceled properties.

Is when I’m speaking to a homeowner that has an investment property that’s current tenant occupied.

Evictions Are on Hold

I’m not sure how it is currently in your state but right now in California the evictions are on hold, the courts are closed.

And at that point that seller and what they’re saying becomes more of a condition. It’s not an objection because it sounds like they still do want to sell.

But because of the tenants that are in place sometimes these tenants lost their jobs or they can’t pay the rent.

It gets a little tricky to put the home back on the market and actually get it sold during this time.

Homes that are Vacant

On the opposite end we have seen that homes that are vacant and are easier to show are still moving relatively quickly if they aren’t priced correctly.

So hopefully this post has helped you and given you a little bit more of an insight into what it is that you can be doing to generate leads during COVID-19.

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