10 Quick Way Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Welcome Guys, I’m going to be talking about 10 real estate lead generation ideas. So over the years I have experimented with countless ways of generating leads and I’m going to share with you some of the easiest and most cost-effective ways, I found a producing business.

1.Cold Calling

The first one and this is an old tried-and-true classic it’s going to be cold calling. Cold calling never goes in style it never goes out of style and it’s one of the best ways to produce leads and get listings for relatively little money.

The only thing that you need is a list of numbers and mojo dollars. You can use mojo dollar you can also use cold Realty to get cell phone numbers you could handle them you could also use cold Realty in conjunction with mojo dollar but regardless the idea here is to cold call as many people as you can start with your fist Bo’s start working your expires and then just start dialing into neighborhoods.

1 IN A 100

People wonder what are the actual conversion rates for cold calling. The conversion rates are usually every one out of a hundred people that you talk to will say yes that they are interested in listing their house and of those 10 leads that you get usually one out of every ten will convert into a listing.

2.Email Home Evaluations

Number two and this is a personal favorite of mine because it can be done anywhere. I just ask people do you want to know how much your house is worth. Just get into the habit of asking people anybody who owns real estate whether you meet people cold calling or door-knocking or networking out in real life just get into the habit of asking you people if they want to know how much their house is worth.

Send Them Via Mail

You could individually go through and do a CMA for these houses but a lot of times what I do is I just go into a piece of software called RPR type in the address and it basically finds comps for you it takes like maybe two minutes to do a report and RPR and it gives a very fancy little report. So that’s your client or your active lead can look at it and it gives all different types of metrics as well to besides just the price.

Use MailChimp to Send Reports

So with the emails that you collect, you send monthly email reports. I use MailChimp. MailChimp works really good I just go in there fire up a market report type in what I think the market is doing currently shows them to statistics show some data send it out.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is a resource that I would say produces around maybe 2 or 3 deals a year for me. It doesn’t sound like a lot for something that’s a hundred percent free. It’s an awesome deal it’s an awesome gig.

Post-Other Agents Listings

Basically, all that you do is you post either your listings or other real estate agents listings into Craigslist and you can also have some type of opt-in. I have a multi-family and mobile home park opt-in. I’m actually a commercial real estate agent as well and I have people opt in to this list and I get an email or two every single day you send out investment properties a multi-family to this email list.

Next thing you know you have clients that I call on-demand you basically push the button and you get somebody who’s interested in a piece of a multifamily property.


Real Estate Seo

so the next one is going to be search engine optimization I have been in the search engine optimization around for a very long time and all search such a search engine optimization boils down to is finding keywords, writing content or making YouTube videos around those keywords and doing this every single day.


So next up is going to be bins or buyer instant notifications. Now buyer and said whenever you get a call from a buyer you want to set them up on what’s called a bin or if you come into contact with somebody who’s interested.

The BIN is an update that sends people very specific properties. Now anybody can go into Zillow and set up an account and maybe draw a circle of areas that they want. But a bin is very specific and the more specific be better.

For Real Life Example

A key example of this was a lady called and said that she was looking for an in-law suite. I set up a bin for her to alert her when in-law suites came on the market. If you know it bad it’s bad that I say this but I totally forgot about this lady next thing I know she said oh my god Teddy this is the one this is the house that I want we went out there and looked at it she didn’t actually end up writing an offer on that one because it needed a lot of work but nonetheless it just goes to show you a beam can be very powerful.

6. PPC Home Evaluations Lead

The next one is going to beat home evaluation and home evaluation leads are going to be mainly done through pay-per-click advertising. So basically how much is my house worth and you said it so that it’s local to?

Pay To Rank For “Home Evaluations”

So people in say my area Wilmington North Carolina they all type :

  • how to find out
  • how much your house is worth
  • how much is my house worth
  • home evaluation
  • free home evaluation

You appear at the top of those search engines. People go to an opt-in form which clickfunnels in a lot of lead pages and a lot of these opt-in form software’s will have templates for you to have and people fill out that opt-in with their phone number you can email them maybe an RPI report or do a CMA for them and then you follow up with them.

So anybody basically anybody that is searching for keywords like that they are probably already in the process of thinking about listing their home and if you’re the first person to do that you can capture the lead.

Sell my house fast

Sell My House Fast

It also works for keywords like sell my house best a lot of times people who are filling out these opt-in forms to sell my house fast and wholesaling websites. They actually need a realtor.

So if you could write for keywords like sell my house fast as well you can get listings from that and I’ve actually got listings from selling my house fast and investor caret website.


Facebook, Instagram on YouTube are kind of seen as things that pulling on but YouTube especially Instagram, Facebook is also in there as well are becoming the new TV of the modern era.

There’s a gold rush right now of people you know getting on YouTube and I would say now’s the time if you don’t get on YouTube now and you don’t put in the effort to build some type of YouTube channel.

I think you’re gonna be left in the dust here in a couple of years because once again everybody’s on the YouTube train but you could also do Instagram. I’ve seen people get listings and you know buyers from Instagram as well.

You have to be pretty much like a borderline Instagram celebrity but I’ve also got and I’ve got one listing off Instagram and Facebook as well. Facebook the thing about Facebook is that everybody is on Facebook and you can share videos on it Facebook loves videos. So take all your YouTube videos put them on Facebook put $5 behind them and mass exposure for pennies on the dollar.

8. Paid Ads

So up next is going to be paid ads pay-per-click Facebook ads and any other type of paid ad that you’re going to do. I always tell people to worry about your organic traffic, worried about content marketing, worry about how can I get traffic for free before you start worrying about paid advertising.

Because paid advertising can quickly make you go broke and I’ve actually been through this before I actually had to get a part-time job because I spent so much money on Facebook ads and this was back in the day when Facebook as for like in their heyday. But worry about your organic traffic first and then do the paid traffic route.

9. Referral Partners

Okay up next is going to be referral partners in a real estate and this could be locally this could be on a national level I’ve seen people nationally basically they go to all these networking events and they are just known nationally amongst all these realtors and they receive referrals from people just all over the world people who are commuting.

Real Estate Referral Partners

You can also do this at a very local level too. Basically you can approach real estate agents in your office and say things long lines up you know look I’m just starting out when you referred me some business I’m very hungry and I’ll be more than happy to show any buyer clients that you have or people who are work any leads that you have always asked for real estate agents if they have leftover the leaves that they don’t want back.

Very few real estate agents are going to give listing leads to you but many real estate agents are more than happy less you work their leftover buyer leads.

10. Networking

Now I’ve seen people build whole entire businesses just based around going to networking events joining clubs, starting some type of club themselves, I’ve gone that route I am kind of maybe like a once a week person.

I try to make it out to a networking event I used to be really heavy into networking events but I try and make it out and I join clubs as well.

I think sharing a passion and sharing an interest with other people is bound to lead you to business and developing those types of relationships.

If you use these 10 real estate methods, then you will get a great advantage in generating leads for your business.

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