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Request For Repairs Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection That’s our topic today let’s get started. Hope you read this complete article and share this post on his social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Let’s talk about requests for repairs and reasonable requests after a home inspection.

What Happens After the Home Inspection

So what happens after the home inspection?

Your buyer will have hired a professional inspector and paid them about $500 to go over the house to find any kind of defects or deferred maintenance that the home may have.

They’re looking for problems and potential problems.

If we are working together we will have negotiated the buyer’s timeline to complete all of the inspections they would like to have.

Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection

CAR Purchase Agreement For Buyer’s Inspections

The California Association of Realtors purchase agreement default inspection to hold 17 days for the buyers to do their inspections.

When working with me in most cases I will negotiate that to 10 days.

I do this because experience shows that once the buyer has completed their inspections.

Once we have addressed the request for repair the buyer removes their inspection contingency.

Risk the Contingencies and Closed Escrow

So they won’t be doing any further inspections. Then 95% of the time experience shows. We walk our way through the risk of the contingencies and closed escrow.

Now let’s consider in the first 10 days the buyer has the right to do whatever inspections they feel necessary for them to feel comfortable moving forward with the purchase of your Home.

Hire a General Inspector

Most buyers will initially hire a general inspector and that inspector will provide a 50-plus page report of the findings.

Now remember that the buyer paid $500 for this inspection. They do it so that they can be aware of any problems with the home.

They also do it to be notified of any potential problems or building issues.

Of course, if the house is not brand new the building codes are much different today than they probably were when the house was built.

Review & Looking Big Problems

Once the buyer and their agent receive this report from the inspector they will most likely review it together looking for big problems.

“Such as a roof that’s at the end of its usable lifespan or an air conditioner that may not be working or perhaps foundation issues”

Items Of Concern

Next, they will look at items of concern. Such as water leaks or termites or perhaps single-pane windows from the 1960s.

They’ll be discussing building codes. Such as many houses here in San Diego that were built 50-plus years ago will have two prong nongrounded outlets.

Then they’ll be looking at small or minor issues.

Such as a patio door that doesn’t operate correctly or a furnace that doesn’t have a filter in it that it should have in it.

Or perhaps something like a window lock is broken and even smoke detectors that are operational.

Helping a Buyer to Purchase a Property

My team and I were recently helping a buyer purchase a property in the San Carlos area and when we were doing the inspection noted that the dryer vents you know those silver vents.

That goes from the dryer to the outside of the house it hadn’t been shortened so it was incorrectly installed and it was all curling around strangely that is the type of small issue that is going to be on the report.

That’s the type of thing that I’m going to notice when I become your agent when I’m helping you and I believe that those types of things should be addressed upfront.

The other thing was with the same particular house where there wasn’t a furnace filter in the furnace.

My Opinion – Simple Easy Fixes

These are such simple easy fixes and in my opinion, those types of things should have been addressed prior to putting the house on the market.

Hire A Handyman

It’s easy to hire a handyman for a few hours to take care of these minor issues that may make the buyer feel like the house wasn’t very well cared for.

Now when I receive the buyer’s request for repair I’m going to review it and send it off to you and then we will review it together.

When I receive that request for repair

When I receive that repair request I’m going to make sure that we also receive any reports that the buyer is referring to asking for certain things to be repaired.

During our review, we will talk about options and the next best steps to address that buyer’s request.

Every House is Sold “As-is”

I frequently speak with sellers and they say but I want to sell As is. You must know that every house is sold as is that’s what’s in the purchase contract.

But experience shows buyers are going to do their inspections and they are going to request some things be handled by the seller.

When we receive that requested repair we review it we will talk about the approximate cost for each one of the items that the buyer may be requesting.

When we receive the request for care it does not mean that you as a seller have to agree to any repairs.

Negotiating The Sale

But we are back to negotiating the sale and we want to work out something so that the buyer feels like they want to continue with the purchase.

So when we’re reviewing that repair request we’ll figure out what the approximate cost would be for each one of the items.

In most cases when I’m helping an executor administrator or trustee with a home in probate or a trust.

I negotiate a dollar amount that goes from the seller’s proceeds from estate proceeds toward the buyer’s closing cost instead of doing the repairs.

Ease of Giving What They’re Asking

I do this for the ease of giving the buyers some of what they are asking for and also to remove the liability from the estate and you as the estate representative.

Provide Section 1 Termite Clearance

The one thing that we rarely don’t do is when the buyer requests that you provide a section one termite clearance.

It’s simple to have the house tented and for the repairs that need to be done to provide that section one termite clearance to the buyer.

This is something my team and I need to be concerned about if we would let you see the report.

How You Feel About How It Affects The Estate

We would talk about the cost of what it would be to provide that section one termite clearance and how you feel about how it affects the estate.

Keep in mind that some buyers and their lenders would need to have that section one termite clearance to go forward with the purchase because it would be a condition of the loan.

And finally, just remember that this is another part of the transaction that’s similar to when we were negotiating the original contract.

We want to do a little give a little take and work our way to a win-win situation. Thank you for reading the “Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection” article, if you have questions or comments you can put them down below.

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