How to Become a Virtual Real Estate Assistant for brokers

Hey, everyone, I’m going to talk about how to become a virtual Real Estate Assistant for brokers really there isn’t a big deal of difference between the two it’s just that a virtual assistant works with a realtor. Hope you share this post on social media.

It’s probably going to be doing more for that realtor and then a virtual real estate transaction coordinator just managing the transaction.

Real Estate Virtual Services

Let’s go ahead and jump into some of the services that you can provide as a real estate virtual assistant.

So you know that I promote working virtually and so the wonderful thing about being a real estate VA is that of course, you’re still working virtually.

One of the tasks on your to-do list should be managing the transaction. Kind of under the operations umbrella of what you do for your realtor.

So I really promote you know working their transactions. Because it allows you to learn the behind-the-scenes paperwork processes and flows of a residential real estate transaction

That just gives you a better understanding overall of what is going on basically in your client’s company and so I really think that it’s really important that you manage the transactions as one of your tasks.

Now some other things that you can do for your client if you’re a real estate virtual assistant.

Manage CRM system

You can manage their CRM system that’s like Constant Contact or MailChimp, where they can send out newsletters that type of thing.

They may also keep all their leads and taxes in the system like that. You can help them organize and manage that.

Manage Leads

You can help them follow up on leads and search for elites you can manage their email account and you can also manage their calendar and schedule appointments for them that type of thing.

Then depending on the style of your client, they may put together a presentation for their buyers and their listings and you can assist in doing that.

So you can create PowerPoint presentations or keynotes if you use a Mac, and you can you know to prepare those presentations for your client. There are a ton of things that you can do.

Then some of the more tedious tasks that you could do like data entry. But that type of thing is really important even though it is tedious.

So there are quite a few services that you can offer your client as a real estate virtual assistant.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

So again a real estate virtual assistant they are you know someone who is assisting a realtor with various tasks, not just the transaction.

What I mean by the transaction is helping the rills the realtor with their transactions while homes are in escrow.

So let’s say their fire finds a home they go into escrow and you would be managing that transaction. At the same time, the home is in escrow.

So I hope that this article is helpful and just kind of cleared that up a little bit. I release articles every week and I love to hear from you.

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